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Ferran Blasco Aguasca (Enzo)

Ferran Blasco has studied Zahori Art, geobiology and Sacred Geometry with Raymond Montercy, Dominique Susani and Juan Saez, teaching, traveling and working in residential, commercial and sacred spaces both in Europe and the USA.

While living and studying in California, he went back home to Spain for a vacation. In the Pyrenees, the mountains between Spain and France, he met those who would become his teachers. That area is very rich in megalithic sites. His teachers took him to several sacred sites, where he was introduced to and connected to the tradition of working with the Earth energies. Since then he has been rediscovering his relationship with the ancient technology of the European Master Builders.

Along the course of his apprenticeship he was gradually introduced to the spiritual practices of the ancient Master Builders tradition related to El Camino de Santiago (St. James Trail). This aspect of the teachings would become one of his main focus of personal study and practice.

His teachers suggested to him completing the training by exploring and studying the energetic practices of other traditions. He has travelled to South America and Asia in order to connect with the ancestral teachings of those areas, many of which are very similar to the teachings of the European master Builders.

He also graduated from the Masters of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine program from Yo San University and is a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine.

His interest in Oriental Medicine led him to the study of several other Taoist arts like Tai Chi and Qi Gong, classical Feng Shui, Chinese astrology (Zi Ping) and Taoist Meditation. He has studied with several Taoist teachers including Juan Li, Howard Y. Lee and Master Li Jung Fen.

Currently he lives in Barcelona, Spain, where he has a full time acupuncture and herbal medicine practice, with focus on internal medicine. Besides his medical practice, he regularly teaches and lectures on different aspects related to the energetic arts.

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